Call For Participation

Visual Arts – 2nd July (17.00) to 4thJuly (22.00)

We are inviting all those who have an interest in soil, art and education to join us in workshops, presentations, art events and some good local food at Falmouth University.  The first two days will provide various sensorial ways of getting to know soil and its inhabitants within the context of a diminishing yet vital resource. In addition to films, artworks and talks there will be a series of creative workshops where you will be able to touch the earth and learn about the different ways in which artists use it. Prepare to experiment, play and get a little bit dirty!

All attendees at the forum are invited to submit a presentation in the PechaKucha format that, in some way, links your interests or creative practice with soils. We encourage as many participants as possible to prepare a presentation as this serves as a good way to learn more about each other’s projects and interests in a short space of time.  Each presentation will consist of 20 slides in Powerpoint – each slide is on screen for 20 seconds, making a total presentation time of 6 minutes 40 seconds. For those who are not familiar with this method of short, dynamic presentations please see

For all visual arts related topics: to register your interest in attending the forum, either as a contributor or as an attendee, or to sign up for mailings about the forum activities as they are confirmed, please email Daro Montag at Falmouth University  using ‘Soil Culture’ as the subject heading.

Written Word – 4th July (17.00) to 5th July (17.00)

The submissions for this day should fit into one of four broad categories:

  •  Digging/ploughing (or not)
  •  Sowing, writing, planting, growing
  • Reaping, harvesting, rewards, benefits
  • Composting, replenishment, returning, recycling

These categories provide an outline or meeting place for not only a focused set of ‘conversations’ between soil and various narratives, but also for a dynamic and eclectic meeting between disciplines within the humanities as well as laypersons with an interest in the soil.  As well as items that would fill traditional twenty minute timeslots, we would also be very interested in presentation proposals following the Pechakucha format: ( ).Creative workshop proposals will also be considered.

Suggestions for possible topics could come under, but are not limited to:

  • Soil and poetry
  • Seamus Heaney
  • Capitalism, Marx and soil
  • Soil as skin of Earth
  • Ruralists
  • Fascism
  • Blood and soil
  • Etymology of soil
  • Bog bodies
  • War casualties
  • Decomposition
  • Burial
  • Eco-criticism
  • Cultural geography
  • Narratives of composting/recycling within poetry
  • Mythical notions of soil
  • Biblical notions of soil
  • Soil and civilisation
  • Planting seeds of wisdom
  • Rootedness
  • Soil eating/pica
  • Chalk, clay, mud, silt, peat
  • Swamps/bogs
  • Farming narratives

For all written word related contributions or enquiries: please submit a 250-word abstract, details of type and length of submission and brief CV before 5 June 2014 to both:

Jude Allen, and Mat Osmond,, using ‘Soil Culture’ as the subject heading.

Two ASLE sponsored post-graduate bursaries of up to £100 towards travel and fees are available for the Soil and Narrative section.  If you wish to be considered for one of these bursaries, please send an e-mail to with brief c.v and evidence of student status along with the reason you wish to be considered for the bursary.