Creative workshops

Angela ShawWorking with Chalk: Creating art using natural foraged chalk.

Bob WalleyPop-Up Farms: using unrecyclable materials make a ‘pop-up farm’.

Charlotte RathboneTasting the Place: Engaging all the senses to connect soil and its produce. 

Emma Saffy WilsonHikaru Dorodango: Try out the traditional and fascinating Japanese pastime of crating a shiny mud ball.

Irene GriffinCreating Mud Cloth (Bogolafini): Learning the traditional African technique of using mud to print cloth.

Hildegard Kurt Being Humus: methods to re-enliven ourselves – our ways of perceiving, thinking, acting – in order to re-enliven soils. 

Jackie YeomansSeed Community: raising awareness of seed patents, mono-cropping, single generation fertility and soil erosion caused by intensive farming. 

Janet McEwan / Ann Osman – Gathering Dirt, Falmouth, 2014:  Collecting, sharing analysing and mixing our various understandings of soil.

Lucy Mercer – Reactivating Ancient Clay Texts: Making ‘modern Mesopotamian’ clay tablets with composted poems.

Mat Osmond / Tom ScottSlow Poetry / Composted Thought: Paying attention to the experience of soil through the senses, developing the ‘compost’ in which poetry can take root. 

Mathew RobinsonCob brick making for the Dor Kemmyn Building: An introduction to building with found subsoil.

Naomi WrightSoil Kitchen: Playing with soil, touch and feel how it is made.

Nicky Scott – Bespoke composting solutions – everything you want to find out about the practise of composting tailored to your needs.

Peter WardA Simple Prayer for the Earth: Contribute to a communal artwork that represents our hopes for the future soil.

Peter WardPainting with Earth: Learn about earth pigments and experiment with them to make a painting. 

Tom IngateStraw Shed & Strawberries: Learn how to construct a simple cob building.

Verena van den Berg – Gentle morning yoga:  Inhabiting space between up (skywards) and down (earthwards); experiencing our body in relation to gravity/earth.  





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